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I recently offered to review a book that I was very curious about. Being an animal lover and intrigued about the paranormal the book by Jeanne Miller called The Pet Psychic Diaries appealed to me in an instant. I haven’t yet finished reading the book, but a full review will be completed shortly.

However, I must tell you about my experiences with the author just last night and this morning.

As you all know by now, I live on the beautiful Greek island of Skiathos. I have over the course of my time here collected 17 cats that I currently have and many more that have been unfortunately lost. My story is about one of my little ones who recently got into a spot of bother.

My Mikey, a gorgeous back and white male cat had an accident on Wednesday evening that left him even more nervous than he usually is. Tourists called me from outside the house and told me what happened. I found him and brought him home. He ran under the stairs behind my water tank and stayed there. I had to crawl in to feed him. He was there for two nights. When I got up Friday morning he was gone. I never saw him all day Friday. I was worried. I never saw him all day Saturday, I became scared. I searched everywhere but had no joy. It didn’t help that when I went out looking several other cats insisted on following and crying, which of course would mask any sound coming from my missing cat.

I didn’t know what to do.

I decided to email Jeanne. It was a long shot, but I just needed something. Reassurance maybe, closure perhaps. I was thinking the worst, internal injuries etc. I was making myself sick with worry and couldn’t stop crying. I needed to do something.

Jeanne was lovely, even though there is a big time difference she answered my email sooner than I expected. Jeanne explained that she no longer did readings for lost animals but in this instance she would, and asked for a few details. I was ecstatic and replied immediately with several photographs, a description and also explained without any detail that he had been in an accident.

A short time later I received my resposnse which was very detailed. Jeanne also told me he was still alive but was struggling to get home. She described his surroundings to me, which could have been one fo two places near to my home. So before I went to bed I checked the closest one to my house as I thought this was the most obvious place for him to be. He was not there.

This morning I checked the second place I thought of following Jeanne’s description. There he was. Exactly as she said. He was stuck and could not find his way out. I tried to guide him but he was spooked and moved away. I thought I would come home and get some food, that may coax him out. I got home and emailed Jeanne to thank her and I went back out with the tuna. Unfortunately he was no where to be seen. I came back home and to my surprise there was an email reply from Jeanne, she must have been sitting up very late working. I explained that he had disappeared again but Iwould keep trying.

A short while later I went back out, I couldn’t rest now knowing I had seen him and I wanted him home. I almost gave up again when he showed himself so I coaxed him out, brought him home and fed him. He was wandered up the road now, but I am so happy. Without Jeanne I would still be wondering where he is as due to his injury he could not get home and needed to be carried. This may not have been the happy ending I hoped for.

I thought I would email Jeanne and let her know I had now brought him home and he had eaten, and I found another email from her. There were a couple of, I assume, very unintentional comments in that email that rang so true with the situation I had been in, I know she hadn’t but it was almost as if she had been watching me trying to bring my cat home as she described his behaviour to a T.

Jeanne Miller is an amazing person with a truly fabulous gift. I cannot wait to finish her book now.  But if anyone cannot wait for the review and want to check out the book yourselves then here is the link to the page. Happy reading.

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10 responses to “Jeanne Miller – Pet Medium!

  1. Jeanne really is an amazing person. I have always been a skeptic, but she’s made me a believer. She has helped me enormously after I lost two of my aging cats. She knew things about them no one else would know – not the usual stuff you can guess. Most recently, she told me that Wendy and Allie wanted me to know they were all right, and they would knock something down (that wouldn’t break, they added!). A day or two went by. On the third morning a book had fallen from the bookcase. It was a big book and not in danger of falling. The book was about a race horse who means a great deal to me. The horse died and I still remember that terrible day.

    Wendy and Allie were telling me that they were here, that they knew my pain, understood how I felt by illustrating that with a book about a horse I loved.

    • She told me last night that my cat had a limp, he had injured his leg. I did not know this although I believed it was a possibility, but this morning after I found him sure enough he was limping, he had however not been limped right after his accident. Jeanne knew it before I did. I honestly thought she would tell me she couldn’t help or that maybe he had passed on, but the detail she gave me was enough for me to know exactly where to go to look for him.
      I am glad she helped you to, and I am happy to recommend her to anyone who needed her services. She bowled me over. pinpointed where I needed to go and she wasnt wrong. Nothing she told me last night (or this morning) has proved untrue. everything hit the mark.
      I would happily employ her services again if needed and would urge anyone who was unsure to give her a try. She has an amazing gift.

  2. Such a lovely story! I am glad your furry friend is back home!

  3. Great story. I like your site and I am jealous of where you live. I love happy endings too. Being a Professional Psychic Medium myself I always love to see the amazement when people realize that there is more to the world, that psychics can do these things. Best wishes -Cassandra

    • I have had cause on a few occasions to realise that there is something more going on in the world than what we can physically see. I have to be honest I have seen several psychic mediums in my time but only one truly hit the mark. (I never gave up my belief even when I was sat with someone who was giving me ‘facts’ that just didn’t resonate with me). I have myself a small amount of times seen things or known things that could not be explained away easily. However, I still thought it was along shot with my cat. I am so glad I was wrong.

  4. mouce

    My sister who lives in South Africa is a major cat lover. She lost a beautiful Burmese a couple of years ago – if only she had known about this site. I have passed it onto her, for future reference.

  5. Catherine, Thank you so much for blogging about your experience. I truly appreciate all the kind things you have said. I’m so glad Mikey is safe in your arms. :)

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